News from Gunsite Allotments

Camberwell and District Allotments Society Annual General Meeting – Sat May 21 2021

The annual General Meeting of the Camberwell and District Allotments Society is taking place on Saturday May 21, 2021, at 10.30am, outside the Scout Centre, Grange Lane, SE21.

The AGM of the main society is an important meeting.  Issues discussed and decisions made at this meeting affect Grange Lane, the Gunsite and the Grove Allotment Sites and their members.  Please make every effort to attend.


  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Minutes of the last AGM
  3. Chairman’s report
  4. Treasurer’s report and accounts
  5. Secretary’s report
  6. Site reports
  7. Election of officers
  8. Any other business.

An Allotment Photobook – copies now available in the Gunsite Shop

Photographers Hannah Blackmore and Jimmy Irwin worked with the Gunsite Allotment during 2020 to capture life during lockdown: finding moments for optimism, calm and stability. The series was developed into a limited edition photobook available for sale through the Gunsite Shop. 

Profits from sales of the book will be donated to the Trussell Trust network of foodbanks. Price £20.

More details on ordering copies from the shop here

Last remaining potatoes on sale in Gunsite shop


The Gunsite shop is selling all remaining stocks of potatoes for £1.50 per 2kg bag on Sunday April 4th, 10.00-12.00.

Orders placed via email – – by 1pm on Friday can be collected from the shop on Sunday morning.

More details here

Virtual AGM will take place on January 24

This year’s Gunsite Annual General Meeting will take place on January 24 at 10am, via Zoom.

Plotholders who wish to attend the virtual meeting need to email for an invitation.

The following reports have been published ahead of the AGM:

Chair’s report

Gunsite email policy

NAS Covid-19 policy

Treasurer’s report

Website report

Shop report

Site officers’ report

2019 AGM minutes

Gunsite Development Working Group report

Ecology/Manure report

Gunsite shop closed until January 10


The Gunsite shop is now closed and will be re-opening for collection of online orders on January 10, 2021.

Orders can be placed online by emailing More details here

Gunsite waiting list is now closed


We are very sorry to turn would-be allotmenters away, for the time being. But our waiting list has now reached 250 which means about an eight-year wait for an allotment.

So the Gunsite committee has decided to close the waiting list, at this point. The current plan is to reopen the list when it gets down to 150 names. This is likely to be in about three or four years’ time.

Please watch the Waiting List section of the website for any updates.

New padlock at Gunsite entrance


From today (Monday July 27) there is a new combination padlock at the Gunsite entrance. Plotholders have been sent the combination number via email.

Please be aware that from time to time the combination number will be changed for security purposes.

Gunsite shop open for online orders


The online shop is now taking orders for collection on Sunday mornings from 10.00-12.00.

Peat-free compost and farmyard manure are now back in stock.

All orders made and paid for by Fridays at 1pm can be collected from the shop on the following Sunday. More details here

Emergency facing local foodbanks


Local food banks need our help more than ever. Since the Covid-19 crisis emerged donations of food have dried up while the need for emergency help is growing.

Although the government has promised a lot of financial help it will take time to get through. And the situation of self-employed and contract workers is still unclear.

What the foodbanks need urgently is money to buy supplies. You can donate on-line. Please think about helping.

There are somethings, however, that money can’t buy just now

· UHT milk (stocked in a million homes! Can you spare a carton?)


· ‘Bags for Life’, tote bags for packing parcels to be distributed.

(Foodbank centres are all closed and everything is being delivered by volunteers from a centre in Streatham.)

Please put anything in the box by the gate at Gunsite. Wipe if you can please…

Donations here-

Peckham Food Bank here

Norwood & Brixton Foodbank here

Bob Reeves. Plot 9

Gunsite remains open for plotholders

The Gunsite remains open to potholders during the current lockdown but visitors are not allowed on the site.

Plotholders and contractors are asked to take extra care, especially when opening the padlock on the gate. Please wear protective gloves and wash your hands after touching the gate. Please use your own hand sanitiser. A bucket of water will be kept by the shop.  Please keep two metres apart from other plotholders at all times.

If your health feels vulnerable we advise that you stay away.

It is also requested that no visitors are invited onto the site during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Further developments will be updated here.

The National Allotment Society has some useful advice here.

Gunsite and coronavirus

An important message from Gunsite chair Armorel Weston:

Several people have asked me about whether the Gunsite will continue to be open: we cannot predict what steps the Government will take, but for the moment, what better place is there to be than our Gunsite Allotments? Bear in mind the Government’s advice to keep windows open to let in fresh air and get some natural sunlight. It is also fine (for the moment) to go for a walk outdoors provided that you stay more than 2 metres from other people and that is not difficult, given the width of the plots!

Also avoid close contact with people who have symptoms, so, if you actually have them (for which all our sympathy and best wishes) it is probably best not to visit your plot.

I would like to reassure you that, when the time comes for the inspection, if for reasons of logistics or health, you haven’t been able to meet the criteria on your plot, all these matters will be taken into consideration. We, of course, would like to hear from those who do find it impossible to get down to their plots but would very much like to remain plot holders.

There is one very important precautionary note for your own safety (in addition to keeping 2 metres apart):

All plot holders should use hand gel/sanitiser and/or soap and water after touching the gate and padlock as a precaution against infection; it is handled by many people, including the contractors.

Please do not wash with your hands in the water tank, but rather take water from the tank in a bucket and dispose of soapy water into your ditches. The water in the tanks is a little eco system which keeps it clear. We do not want this to be contaminated, by hand gel, sanitisers or soap.

There is a Note Box on the Nelly Tee Hut should you have concerns or wish to drop a letter about any of the above issues; leave your email or phone number and I will get back to you.

It is also requested that no visitors are invited onto the site during the Covid-19 outbreak.

With very best wishes,

Armorel Weston