Committee Members

Current members of the Committee

Maggie Jarman Chairperson
  1. Ensuring that Gunsite Allotment is run according to the Rules of the Camberwell and District Allotment Society, and the Terms of Reference and Tenancy Agreement of Gunsite Allotment, in liaison with the other Officers and Members.
  2. Producing reports for committee and general meetings.
Linda Craig  Secretary
  1. Liaising with the Chairman with regard to convening meetings
  2. Writing and distributing agenda and minutes for committee (usually 4/year and general meetings (1/year), including receiving reports, apologies for absence etc.
Judith Patrick
for the third of allotments nearest the hut

Jane Taylor for the middle section

Liz Brunton for the section furthest from the hut

 Site Officer (shared duties)
  1. Let out plots to new members.
  2. Keep site plan up to date.
  3. Liaise with Treasurer re changes to plot tenancies, contact details, etc.
  4. Ensure site has volunteers to hire out the strimmer,  keep strimmers & mowers fuelled & get machines serviced, as necessary. Also, to maintain the water taps, manage the skip, arrange for manure deliveries, scrap metal collection + any other necessary duties.
  5. Hire help to clear very neglected plots.
  6. Assist with annual inspections, alongside other committee members & volunteers.
  7. Encourage plot holders & support volunteers
  8. Countersign & deposit cheques, as necessary.
 Kathy Heeps  Treasurer
  1.  Collect rents and subscriptions.
  2. Manage income and expenditure.
  3. Report on financial position to the Committee and AGM.
Rosemary Danielman, Mike Gavin, Philip Milner, William Marshall Shop Managers  Manage the Gunsite shop.
Gavin Hamilton Email and Website  
Lorna Mills  Social Events  
Carrol Henry Maintenance of Noticeboard  
Marc Meryon,

Michael Patrick

Other committee members Supplying knowledge and advice as needed on matters such as those involving legal or ecological elements and policy.