2020 AGM Ecology Group report

There has been a good response to the call for interest of October and sixteen plotholders responded. We are setting up a WhatsApp Group to exchange experience, ideas and examples of good practice.

Tony Heal advises “We need means to communicate with all plot holders to provide advice on good practices and to inform them about developments. I guess this would include a notice board, a page on the website and perhaps on-site meetings when we are allowed to have them. Anyhow, my point is that for this initiative to be successful it needs to reach beyond the founding members to all plot holders.” So please can we discuss this at the AGM?

All members may also refer to the note on manure and leaf mould and John Hodges note on plastics under ‘Resources’ on http://gunsiteallotments.org

Manure Monitor Report

Our sole source of manure is from the Royal Mews and is bedding straw. With the royal family not in residence supplies have been limited in late 2020 and will resume when available. The black stuff is heat treated organic garden waste from Buckingham Palace Gardens (hence the twigs and small branches) and again comes when available and is also supplied for free. Supply depends on availability.

Robert Holden