2020 AGM Website report

Gunsite website – www.gunsiteallotments.org

There are plans to redevelop the Gunsite website over the winter. This will involve a design re-fresh and new hosting arrangements. The new hosting arrangements will cost around £8-£10 per month but will hopefully deal with the problems that some people have had logging on to the site in the past.

The shop stocklist and PayPal payments are basic but have been working well. We would like to develop the shop section on the site to include a secure payment option at some point in the future.

Hopefully, people are no longer having problems logging on to the site. If you do experience any difficulties, please try using a different web browser, or contact the site via Gavin Hamilton (email below).

The website homepage (“News from Gunsite Allotments”) can host latest news and Gunsite-related notices, so please send any items to Gavin Hamilton
at gavinhamilton1861@gmail.com