About Gunsite Allotments

Our site – together with the adjacent South London Scout Centre – was home to anti-aircraft batteries during the 1940 Blitz, hence the site name. Gunsite Allotments is one of the three allotment sites – Gunsite, Grange Lane and Grove – under an umbrella organisation, the Camberwell and District Allotment Society (CDAS). The land was converted to allotments in 1966 and the sites are leased from The Dulwich Estate.

The Gunsite Allotments are situated on a gentle north-facing slope beneath ancient Dulwich Woods and surrounded by trees on all sides. The majority of plots receive ample sunlight but rainfall runoff from the woods in winter means that plot holders must keep their drainage ditches well maintained.

Each Gunsite plot holder is a member of both Gunsite and of CDAS. Gunsite Allotments are administered by a committee of elected members. The allotments are subdivided into three administrative areas, each overseen by a volunteer Site Officer. All allotment holders are required to pay rent, sign a tenancy agreement and abide by the published rules of CDAS. An annual inspection is made of all plots to ensure that they are being adequately gardened and maintained. Members of Gunsite are encouraged to volunteer as necessary for communal tasks such as mowing of paths, maintenance of potholes and management of skips and communal rubbish piles. The Committee maintains this dedicated website for members and issues email notifications when necessary.

Allotment plots at Gunsite are in high demand. Details regarding the waiting list can be found elsewhere on this website. Please bear in mind that, whilst gardening is therapeutic and rewarding, keeping an allotment is hard work, particularly during spring and early summer.

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